Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 58

Day 58 again for me is Plyo. The mother of all P90X workouts.

Ugh..off of a bad night with a 5 year old up every few hours, topped off with my own bad dreams that I think are due to a mix of watching Paranormal Activity, and halfway through Dean Koontz's "The Taking" Rough night....

This workout, well, WORKS you! Some things I noticed, I am able to finish hot foot for the first time, both sides. But the second time around I resort to jumping rope. My right knee still flares up from time to time and it just feels like the right thing to do.

I finally get the knees up in tuck and rock star jumps, probably not super high, but up there. Does anyone watch the Biggest Loser. Remember that girl who had an issue jumping up on the stool? Dinah I think? It was like a mental block for her, she would go to jump, and she just couldn't. That's kind of how these knee up jumps are for me. I'm not sure the reason for the mental block, but every few times, my knees just won't go up even though my brain is telling them to. So I guess, for whatever reason, these are my mental block, but I seem to be slowly overcoming this....

Oh Plyo, you fickle fickle friend!!

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