Monday, November 30, 2009

Insanity....Day 1

Well blog followers, here is the low down on why it has been so long since I posted. My last post was on Day 75 of P90X. I actually completed 4 more days after that post, and then things got dicey.

To start, I have been struggling with feeling really down lately. I have not achieved the weight loss I had hoped for with P90X, and though yes, I saw major muscle changes, its this GUT! Add that to some struggles at home, and well, I have just been sad, irritable, tired, and in no mood to take care of me. Horrible, I know. To top it off, the following week my son came down with the Swine Flu, and that added a few days of things being off, and then we round out last week with Thanksgiving, which means I had a crazy schedule trying to fit everything in. And add to that I am just getting downright BORED with the workouts. Which is the problem I always have working out, I get bored with the same workouts, and really need to switch it up. I'm not making excuses, I am totally disappointed and disgusted with myself.

After doing lots of thinking, I have decided to switch to Insanity. As much as I prefer muscle workouts to cardio, I think I need to focus more on cardio at this point to melt the rest of this stubborn flab. I know I will do a round of P90X again at some point, but I really feel this is the right move for me. I am also getting RevAbs and Chalean Xtreme. My thought is between the four systems, I could literally go over a month without doing the same workout twice! I am going to finish one round of Insanity though before I start mixing and matching. We'll see what happens.

For those of you not familiar, here is a blurb about Insanity.

Are You Ready for the ONLY workout that is Guaranteed to get you Ripped in just 60 DAYS?...
Then you might just complete the hardest workout program ever put on DVD. Your personal trainer Shaun T will push you past your limits with 10 workout discs packed with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab/core training moves. No equipment or weights needed—just the will to get the hardest body you've ever had.

The Method Behind The Madness: The secret to these mind-blowing results: MAX Interval Training. Shaun T took traditional interval training and flipped it on its head—you perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest. Each workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your MAX. The results: burn up to 1,000 calories an hour and get the most insane body in only 60 days.

I really should change the name of this blog to!

Anyway, so Day 1 of Insanity if the Fit test. About a half hour, including a warm up and cool down. The fit test itself is a series of exercises performed for one minute at a time each. You keep track of your results, and do the test again every 2 weeks. After about 10 days of not working out at all, I wasn't sure how I would do. I'll be honest, I was dying! And the sweat poured, but I completed the full minute of each (though in the last three I did have to take a small break, probably 5 seconds) Here are my results

Switch Kicks: 58
Power Jacks: 50
Power Knees: 89
Power Jumps: 20
Globe Jumps: 8
Suicide Jumps: 14
Push-up Jacks: 12
Low Plank Obliques: 42

I wasn't sure how to feel about these numbers, as I have nothing to compare them to. Honestly, I thought they were pretty crappy. So I went to the BeachBody site Message Boards to see other people's starting day numbers, and was shocked to learn that mine were right up there, and in many cases, more than others. Just another reminder to me that no matter how crappy I feel about myself, no matter how much I hate the mirror, I really have come a long way, and the results are lasting. So I'm in a better frame of mind now. Geared up for Plyometrics Cardio Circuit tomorrow!

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  1. I can't wait to do Insanity! I watched the entire program over the weekend and really, really want to start in January. But I've scheduled it for November 2010. *sigh* I'm looking forward to reading how it goes for you. I'm doing a second round of ChaLean then P90X+.

    Good luck!