Friday, October 30, 2009

Get ready, cause it's coming!!!

In the famous words of Tony Horton!

So I have been an absolute Blog LOSER lately!! Something I promised I wouldn't do. Here is an update. Monday should have started week 9 for me. Poor planning on my part and picking up some extra shifts to cover the time off I would like to take in December (self employed, nobody pays me vacation time) meant I worked several double shifts this week. I did get some cardio workouts in, and thankfully both of my jobs are physical, but no time for the P90x workouts, and I MISS them!! Tomorrow is Halloween and activity filled, and Sunday we are meeting up with some family for a Geocache, which will at least include a nice long hike in the woods. So Monday, things get back to normal, and once again, I will start Week 9. Third time is a charm yes?

Good news, since I knew my diet was really the ONLY thing I could control this week, I remained my nazi self about food. I cut down a bit on my calories for most days, since I didn't have the hard core workouts, so each day was around 1200 calories, and ratios about 60% protein, 20% carbs, and 20% fat. So the scale hasn't budged, up or down. Feel good about that at least.

So that's my update. See you Monday!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2 of Cardio Interlude

After spending 4 hours at a huge annual rummage sale this morning running great finds back and forth to my car parked WAY far away, I get home and ready to work out!

I only have 3 hours before my son gets home from school. So I start with Plyo, which kicks my butt as usual. Still can't seem to get knees up for tucks or rock stars, so I just jump as fast and high as I can. I think part of the problem is I workout on hardwood floors, which are a.) Slippery (I actually have to continually moisten the bottom of my workout shoes with baby wipes to maintain traction during some routines, or use a yoga mat to keep from sliding in certain stretches) and b.) has absolutely no give. Honestly, it sort of frightens me what it might do to my knees attempting these hard core knee up jumps. I did try buying extra padding, it just slides around, making it more dangerous. Damn my husband and his hardwood flooring business and this house full of hardwood floors!!

On a humerus note, have you ever noticed during Rock Star jumps, Tony says over and over really fast, "Get it up, get it up, get it up!" Well just so you know, in my own warped little head, I respond "That's what she said, that's what she said, that's what she said" every single time. I amuse me.

So then I eat a quick lunch, allow about an hour to digest, and try for the run again. I am pretty toasted from Plyo, but its really my only option. I do 1.5 miles, and it takes me 16 minutes. So I figure thats a 12 minute mile average. Not wonderful, but for a person who has never been a runner and just did what Tony describes as "the mother of all workouts" I figure its not too shabby!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1 of Cardio Interlude

So as noted in the previous post, I'm focusing on Cardio for the next 5 days, then will start Phase 3 AGAIN!

So mid day my stomach starts to feel better, I'm able to keep food down, and decide I will start the cardio business today.

I start with Cardio X. Since I have yet to do this workout while blogging, here is the blurb

CardioX (48 Minutes): Low-impact cardio routine that is a fun fat-burning workout that will leave you feeling lean and mean.

I did this workout once when I first got the program, and I remember it kicking my butt! Today however, I can realize it for what it is. A mix of Yoga, Kenpo, Plyo, and Core stuff, most of which I have done in the program already. So its cool to see how he has put it all together. I feel good during the workout, and push myself hard so I'm pouring sweat at the end.

To top it off cardio wise, I decide to go for a short run. Those of you who know me know what an accomplishment this is for me. I'm a self described LOATHER of running. Actually, I want to like it, I've always wanted to do it. Few things. First off, my stamina for running has never been that great (or so was my excuse) and second, I'm a DD cup. I've yet to find a sports bra that really "fits" my needs. But today for some reason, I thought what the heck. I put on the sports bra I bought for Plyo and head out the door.

I make the mistake of bringing my five year old, on his bike (with training wheels mind you). He does fine the first half a mile, and I do AWESOME! And I'm thinking, hey, I really like this running crap! Then, the whining starts, the proclaiming that his legs are tired. Mommy, wait UP! I end up stopping a bunch to wait up (though I never stop, I keep jogging in place while I wait, or run laps around him). Eventually, the last quarter of a mile or so end up me pushing him on the bike while running, and finally, me pushing the bike while running with him dragging behind me whining the whole time.

So the good is I manage to go 1.2 miles for my first run, and in my opinion, without stopping, just adjusting. The moral....will never bring my son again (til the training wheels are gone anyway). I felt like I could have gone more. So tomorrow, I have Plyo, then will try another run!

To bad I discovered this on the brink of a Maine winter. I do have the treadmill, but SO not the same!

Day 65

Ugh, I just don't know what to do. Woke up this morning, still feeling sick, on the verge of puking. I'm so torn, I was up half the night. My mind was racing to try and figure out how to make up for the workouts I've missed. Truth is, I can't fit in two today, which would really be the only way to catch up. What is going on?? So here is my thought. I think I'm just going to stick with cardio workouts for the rest of this week. One every day and throw in Ab Rippers every other day on top of them. Mix it up with Plyo, Kenpo, and Cardio X, and round out Sunday with Yoga. Continue with the great low carb eating I did last week, and hope that this will give me a little jump start on the scale and get me back in the wonderful mindset I had for the first two phases. Then next Monday, start week 9 again (even though I did finish week 9, I think I would just like to start the phase 3 over again) Then, bonus, I can also get back on Monday being my start day which works so much better for my schedule. Any thoughts....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 64

Day 64 should start Week 10 for me, but I woke up in the middle of the night last night sick as a dog. Nauseous, felt like I was going to puke. When I woke up this morning, the feeling was still there. I spent the whole day on the verge of puking, but just never did. It was so bad I even tried sticking my finger down my throat to help it along, but that didn't work. My punishment maybe for such bad eating days? Needless to say, I don't work out, I don't eat anything all day (til the evening where I have some white rice, miso soup, and a few tempura vegetables at a meal out that I had been SO looking forward to!)
Then later that night, that comes up. Some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning for sure.
UGH! Paybacks a bitch!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 63

Day 63 is a rest day for me. I start off well with food, until later in the day when that apple crisp calls my name from the fridge. I cave a little, then make a very healthy dinner. After dinner, I cave again. What the hell is wrong with me?!? Everyone around me will tell you that I am usually a Nazi when it comes to food! I will bring my own food anywhere I'm going to avoid overeating. I'm angry and disappointed in myself.
I do tend to get certain food cravings right before my cycle, and that time is now. But usually I am much better at resisting. I think it doesn't help that I had my husband take my 60 day pics and when I compare them to Day 1 pics, though I am smaller and see definite changes in my arms, legs, and back, I don't see the change in my Abs I was hoping for. This is my problem area, and I'm sure the last place I will see huge changes. But still, kind of depressed me....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 62

Day 62 is Yoga day for me.

Yoga, not my favorite workout, but I get it done. Then proceed to blow this whole wonderful week I've had. We had friends over for two very exciting football games (Go Pats!) I had Champagne, Hors d'oeuvres, skipped dinner, and had a healthy portion of the delicious apple crisp they brought. I'm always so good. I'm SO mad at myself!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 61

Day 61 for me is Legs and Back and Ab Ripper.

Again, I'm a bit nervous about the quad, but the only exercise I had an issue with was the three way lunge/kick series. I can't lift my quad to do straight leg kicks in these, so I just do regular kicks for all.

I got a flu shot yesterday, and boy is my left arm sore! So as for pullups, my numbers remain the same as the last time I did this. They probably would have gone up if not for the soreness.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 60

Day 60 for me is Kenpo.

It also means that I get to take my 60 day photos!! I can't wait to compare them to Day 1!

Kenpo goes well. No secret its my favorite workout. I add some intensity today by throwing a few more punches and kicks in certain areas, and make sure I'm very deep in my horse stance for all blocks and punches.

I was a bit nervous about the kicks in this since my quad injury, which I would say is about 85% healed. But no problems, YAY!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 59

Day 59 is Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper.

Shoulders and Arms goes well, and again, I am able to match all the weights and reps as last week. I also think its time for me to go purchase some 12 pound weights, as there are a few things I can move up in. Wow, I was using 5 pounders when I started this madness! :)

I cheat a bit on Ab Ripper. I have the whole routine memorized, and since Survivor is my addiction, I do the Ab workout from memory while watching Survivor this evening.

Now, a question. As I sort of near the end of this program, I'm torn. Though I have seen tremendous results visually, my results on the scale are just not where I want them. I had pretty much decided to do Insanity as my next workout, but am starting to wonder if maybe I should do a round of Chalean Extreme first. Knowing that I prefer muscle workouts to cardio, but really want to get to my goal weight once and for all (which means dropping 12 pounds) any advice on which you think is better??

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 58

Day 58 is Plyo.

This is the workout I am most nervous about, because this is the one that caused the injury in the first place. However, I actually am pleasantly surprised to find I can do all the squats, lunges, and jumping with no pain. The only moves I have to modify are the tuck jumps and rock star jumps. My quad says no way. So I just jump as fast and as high as I can during these. I also avoid hot foot, and jump rope instead, but again, I jump rope faster and harder then I though humanly possible. I feel really amped today! Great workout, pouring sweat at the end, success!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 57

I'm starting week 9 over again. After taking 5 days off to heal my quad, I feel healed enough to start over. So.....Day 57 is Chest and Back and Ab Ripper.

You may remember my raving post from last time I did Day 57. Today, my numbers were the same. So even the 5 day rest did not make me lose progress. Actually, some of my numbers actually go up in the second round of exercises. I still really struggle with decline pushups, and can't go deep in them at ALL. But I do my best. Nothing really bothers my quad, so far so good.

We returned from two days away, Fryeburg Fair on Sunday, then Storyland (a theme park) on Monday. So after two days of eating CRAP fair food, my body feels the need for some clean eating. I have decided to really cut back on the carbs this week in an effort to boost my progress.

So, all in all, feeling good about my return to P90X!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 60

This should be Day 60 for me, which would be Kenpo.

However, things have changed for me, I've had to make a tough choice, but I think its the right choice.

I injured the quad even more at work last night, started to fall down the stairs, and in an attempt to catch myself, I must have moved it just right. SEARING awful pain, and could hardly put any weight on it. Today I can barely lift my leg. I have been icing like crazy. Add this to the dilemma I was already having which is we are going away Sunday and Monday, and it will not be possible for me to workout those days and I was kind of stressed about how I was going to figure it out.

So there is no way I could do Kenpo today. I could do the punching, but no kicking. And tomorrow is Legs and Back. No way! My decision is I will rest for the rest of this week, let my injury heal, and then on Tuesday I will start Week 9 over again. So minor glitch, but I'm confident this is the right decision for me. It SUCKS though! I've made it this far without injury.
I'm irritated......

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 59

Day 59 is Shoulders and Arms. Another workout I haven't done since week 3. Also, Ab Ripper.

So when I woke up this morning, my quad was still very sore to the touch, and there are certain movements I can't make with it, though walking is ok (but stairs are not!) Luckily, this is an upper body workout. I'm able to up to 10 pounders with most exercises, with the exception of Two Arm Tricep Kickbacks, Flip Grip Tricep Kickbacks, Two Angle Shoulder Flys, and Lying Down Tricep Extension. Those I remain at 8 pounders. I'm able to do 15 reps of all exercises except for Swimmer's Press, where I do 13 the first round and 10 the second. So an improvement for sure. The biggest change I notice is in the Side Tri Rises. The first time I did this workout, I could only do 3 on my right side (with iffy form) and 0 on my left. Today, I do 10 beautiful reps both sides with top notch form.

I attempt Ab Ripper, but most of the moves require your legs either slightly raised or all the way raised, and my quad injury will not allow me to perform those. Therefore, I have to skip Ab Ripper which is SUCH a bummer!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 58

Day 58 is Plyometrics.

The workout starts out fine, until I get to the rockstar jumps. During one of the jumps, I pull something in my right quad. Not horrible, but enough to make me pull back.

Then this evening I had my kickball league. I start pitching the first inning, the grass is wet. My right foot slips forward and this searing pain shoots in to said quad. I can barely put weight on my leg at this point. I attempt to kick the ball when I am up, and I can't do it. And I am ANGRY! I look forward to kickball all week! I sit out the rest of the game. Uh oh.....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 57

Are you comfortable? Would you like to get a glass of water? Bathroom Break? Good? Alright, then sit back and prepare for me to gush a bit.

So, Day 57 for me starts Phase 3, which means I do Chest and Back, and Ab Ripper.
So I'll start with Chest and Back. I haven't done this workout since Week 3, and this is Week 9. I go in to it not really focusing on numbers, my goal is to just max out each exercise and see what happens. How much has the last 6 weeks without this workout prepared me to do this workout again? Folks, BLOWN AWAY!! If I have ever once doubted if P90X was working even though the scales don't reflect it much, today erased all trace of doubt.
The very first set, Standard Pushups, I didn't even look at my number from week 3. I just start. I do 25. When I go to record it, I realize that in week 3 I only did 15, and noted that I couldn't go all the way to the floor for them. Well, the 25 I did today were DEEP nose to the floor (this little voice in my head tells me I have to do that to make up for the fact I am on knees). So right away, huge improvement. My pullups all just about double in numbers, from 7 wide fronts in week 3, to 15 today, both sets. It goes on like that. In week three, I could only do 8 decline pushups, and that was on my knees. Today, I did 10 on my toes. I up all my weights from 8's to 10's, and still crank out huge numbers (like 17-18 in Back Flys). So yes, thrilled doesn't even begin to describe how I feel today.

Moving on to tonight, and Ab Ripper. My goal going in was to attempt all 50 Mason Twists, a feat I have yet to accomplish. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE?! Success! I can't guarantee my fists fully hit the floor on the last 10, but dammit, my legs were up the whole time.

And Phase 3 starts with a bang!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 56

Day 56 is YogaX.

This is the only workout I am kind of getting bored with. I wish there was another one to alternate it with. But I do it, I feel great after as always. Tomorrow I start Phase 3!! WOOHOO!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 55

Day 55 for me is Core Synergistics.

The workout goes better than Tuesday, and I up my weights to 8 pounders for most. I can get down in Chataronga for the Iso's, but can't hold it the full 10 seconds without dropping my knees. Still can't do the run in Chataronga, so just run the full minute in Plank.

My husband happened to be home and in the general vicinity while I did the workout (he is usually not home when I work out.) His comment after the Prison Pushups? "Wow, your a badass!! That is hard core!" hehe LOVE IT!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 54

Day 54 for me is XStretch, an hour of really great stretching.

This is perfect for me today, because I am a bit sore today, especially in my legs. I think its from our season opener Kickball game Tuesday night (yes, I'm an adult and I play kickball. It pretty much rules!) I'm surprised that I am sore with as much as I work out, but oh well. So good timing.

BTW...I do notice a difference in my game! This is my third season playing, and I just really felt like I played SO much better in this game than past games. Thanks Plyo and everything else!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 53

Day 53 is Kenpo for me.

In an effort to really pump up this workout because I feel great today, I add more reps to each series, get really low in all of the horse stance's for the block and elbow series, and try to widen my "step and drag" on those series. Plus double time all the jumping jacks. And it feels gooooood! And because I am slightly annoyed with people, its also extremely satisfying today :)

Oh yes, and the stretch in the beginning that I always have trouble with goes well today! Finally! I have more trouble when I kick the left leg out than the right, but then my left hip is always tighter, so that makes sense.