Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 65

Yes, I have been lax about the last 4 days. Well, not lax about the workouts, just the blog. So the rest of Week 9 workouts went well, and today I start week 10....woohoo!
Finally made it past that week 9 hump.

Day 65 is Back and Biceps. An hour of pullups, flys, and various curls. I realize I really need to go and buy some 12 pound weights. 10's really are not cutting it for some of the exercises, and I especially need them for hammer curls, lawnmowers, and the strip set at the end.

Ab Ripper I will do tonight when I get home from kickball as now I must go get ready for work.

Yay for Week 10!!

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  1. I thought Week 9 was a bit of a struggle, too! I don't like coming off a Recovery Week. It messes with my momentum! Four more weeks! I can't wait to be done. LOL