Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1 of Cardio Interlude

So as noted in the previous post, I'm focusing on Cardio for the next 5 days, then will start Phase 3 AGAIN!

So mid day my stomach starts to feel better, I'm able to keep food down, and decide I will start the cardio business today.

I start with Cardio X. Since I have yet to do this workout while blogging, here is the blurb

CardioX (48 Minutes): Low-impact cardio routine that is a fun fat-burning workout that will leave you feeling lean and mean.

I did this workout once when I first got the program, and I remember it kicking my butt! Today however, I can realize it for what it is. A mix of Yoga, Kenpo, Plyo, and Core stuff, most of which I have done in the program already. So its cool to see how he has put it all together. I feel good during the workout, and push myself hard so I'm pouring sweat at the end.

To top it off cardio wise, I decide to go for a short run. Those of you who know me know what an accomplishment this is for me. I'm a self described LOATHER of running. Actually, I want to like it, I've always wanted to do it. Few things. First off, my stamina for running has never been that great (or so was my excuse) and second, I'm a DD cup. I've yet to find a sports bra that really "fits" my needs. But today for some reason, I thought what the heck. I put on the sports bra I bought for Plyo and head out the door.

I make the mistake of bringing my five year old, on his bike (with training wheels mind you). He does fine the first half a mile, and I do AWESOME! And I'm thinking, hey, I really like this running crap! Then, the whining starts, the proclaiming that his legs are tired. Mommy, wait UP! I end up stopping a bunch to wait up (though I never stop, I keep jogging in place while I wait, or run laps around him). Eventually, the last quarter of a mile or so end up me pushing him on the bike while running, and finally, me pushing the bike while running with him dragging behind me whining the whole time.

So the good is I manage to go 1.2 miles for my first run, and in my opinion, without stopping, just adjusting. The moral....will never bring my son again (til the training wheels are gone anyway). I felt like I could have gone more. So tomorrow, I have Plyo, then will try another run!

To bad I discovered this on the brink of a Maine winter. I do have the treadmill, but SO not the same!


  1. I feel your pain on the running and sports bra thing. I'm a D-DD depending on the brand. Have you ever tried the "Moving Comfort" sports bras? I've never seen them in a store. I buy them online. A little pricey compared to your Target or Sports Authority sports bra, but TOTALLY worth it.
    Here's a link. The band fits pretty tight. I'm a 34 band in bras and I wear a 36 in this brand. I have the Fiona. It's high impact.

  2. are now the second person to recommend this brand to me, and I just found out they are available in a small local running store! I will have to check them out...thank you!