Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 60

This should be Day 60 for me, which would be Kenpo.

However, things have changed for me, I've had to make a tough choice, but I think its the right choice.

I injured the quad even more at work last night, started to fall down the stairs, and in an attempt to catch myself, I must have moved it just right. SEARING awful pain, and could hardly put any weight on it. Today I can barely lift my leg. I have been icing like crazy. Add this to the dilemma I was already having which is we are going away Sunday and Monday, and it will not be possible for me to workout those days and I was kind of stressed about how I was going to figure it out.

So there is no way I could do Kenpo today. I could do the punching, but no kicking. And tomorrow is Legs and Back. No way! My decision is I will rest for the rest of this week, let my injury heal, and then on Tuesday I will start Week 9 over again. So minor glitch, but I'm confident this is the right decision for me. It SUCKS though! I've made it this far without injury.
I'm irritated......


  1. Ugh, that is frustrating, but I think you're making the right choice!! Pushing through an actual injury is only going to make it worse and hopefully after a week of rest you'll be back in full force - especially since I'm guessing mentally you'll be so frustrated you'll be ready to tear it up! Have a good trip and take it easy!

  2. You are definitely making the right choice! I hope your leg heals quickly.

  3. I agree. That's the right choice.

    You've said you haven't seen much progress in the scale. Are your clothes feeling looser though? You must be losing body fat. You've been going like gang busters!

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation!