Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2 of Cardio Interlude

After spending 4 hours at a huge annual rummage sale this morning running great finds back and forth to my car parked WAY far away, I get home and ready to work out!

I only have 3 hours before my son gets home from school. So I start with Plyo, which kicks my butt as usual. Still can't seem to get knees up for tucks or rock stars, so I just jump as fast and high as I can. I think part of the problem is I workout on hardwood floors, which are a.) Slippery (I actually have to continually moisten the bottom of my workout shoes with baby wipes to maintain traction during some routines, or use a yoga mat to keep from sliding in certain stretches) and b.) has absolutely no give. Honestly, it sort of frightens me what it might do to my knees attempting these hard core knee up jumps. I did try buying extra padding, it just slides around, making it more dangerous. Damn my husband and his hardwood flooring business and this house full of hardwood floors!!

On a humerus note, have you ever noticed during Rock Star jumps, Tony says over and over really fast, "Get it up, get it up, get it up!" Well just so you know, in my own warped little head, I respond "That's what she said, that's what she said, that's what she said" every single time. I amuse me.

So then I eat a quick lunch, allow about an hour to digest, and try for the run again. I am pretty toasted from Plyo, but its really my only option. I do 1.5 miles, and it takes me 16 minutes. So I figure thats a 12 minute mile average. Not wonderful, but for a person who has never been a runner and just did what Tony describes as "the mother of all workouts" I figure its not too shabby!


  1. I find something dirty in just about everything Tony says. Which workout does he tell us to whack it? I think it's during a warm up, when we're running in place with our knees wide. Dirty, dirty man. And of course, during X Stretch, who doesn't think of breasts when he tells us to squeeze during the Dreya Forearm Stretch???

  2. Or the one where he says "thats my first bang of the day!" LMAO

  3. I giggle at "squeeze your butt" during the bridge part of yoga. Not so subtle, but whatever. :)