Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 57

I'm starting week 9 over again. After taking 5 days off to heal my quad, I feel healed enough to start over. So.....Day 57 is Chest and Back and Ab Ripper.

You may remember my raving post from last time I did Day 57. Today, my numbers were the same. So even the 5 day rest did not make me lose progress. Actually, some of my numbers actually go up in the second round of exercises. I still really struggle with decline pushups, and can't go deep in them at ALL. But I do my best. Nothing really bothers my quad, so far so good.

We returned from two days away, Fryeburg Fair on Sunday, then Storyland (a theme park) on Monday. So after two days of eating CRAP fair food, my body feels the need for some clean eating. I have decided to really cut back on the carbs this week in an effort to boost my progress.

So, all in all, feeling good about my return to P90X!

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