Friday, October 30, 2009

Get ready, cause it's coming!!!

In the famous words of Tony Horton!

So I have been an absolute Blog LOSER lately!! Something I promised I wouldn't do. Here is an update. Monday should have started week 9 for me. Poor planning on my part and picking up some extra shifts to cover the time off I would like to take in December (self employed, nobody pays me vacation time) meant I worked several double shifts this week. I did get some cardio workouts in, and thankfully both of my jobs are physical, but no time for the P90x workouts, and I MISS them!! Tomorrow is Halloween and activity filled, and Sunday we are meeting up with some family for a Geocache, which will at least include a nice long hike in the woods. So Monday, things get back to normal, and once again, I will start Week 9. Third time is a charm yes?

Good news, since I knew my diet was really the ONLY thing I could control this week, I remained my nazi self about food. I cut down a bit on my calories for most days, since I didn't have the hard core workouts, so each day was around 1200 calories, and ratios about 60% protein, 20% carbs, and 20% fat. So the scale hasn't budged, up or down. Feel good about that at least.

So that's my update. See you Monday!!

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