Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 59

Day 59 is Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper.

Shoulders and Arms goes well, and again, I am able to match all the weights and reps as last week. I also think its time for me to go purchase some 12 pound weights, as there are a few things I can move up in. Wow, I was using 5 pounders when I started this madness! :)

I cheat a bit on Ab Ripper. I have the whole routine memorized, and since Survivor is my addiction, I do the Ab workout from memory while watching Survivor this evening.

Now, a question. As I sort of near the end of this program, I'm torn. Though I have seen tremendous results visually, my results on the scale are just not where I want them. I had pretty much decided to do Insanity as my next workout, but am starting to wonder if maybe I should do a round of Chalean Extreme first. Knowing that I prefer muscle workouts to cardio, but really want to get to my goal weight once and for all (which means dropping 12 pounds) any advice on which you think is better??


  1. I would do Insanity. I think ChaLean Extreme is a step backwards from P90X. Or, do the Insanity Fit Test, then make up your mind. I'm still debating whether I want to do Insanity of P90X+. I don't think I'm ready for Insanity. As much as I love Plyo, my exercise space isn't really good for lots of it. All my knick-knacks fall over every Tuesday.

  2. I would go into a second round of p90x. If you are now doing the Lean version, try doing the classic version or if you're currently on classic, try the doubles. Are you eating at least 5 meals a day? Remember you have added lean muscle to your body and trimmed the fat and this is why you won't see much change on the scale. As long as you see visible results, don't obsess on the scale. I'm on day 41 myself. I'm a male and wanted to increase in weight (lean muscle). I have visible results and can tell I've added muscle and shed fat, but the scale still reads 170lbs. I've decided to not worry about the scale and just watch my body transform. Great work by the way! Keep it up!

  3. Are you following the diet plan? I honestly think that the diet is twice as important as the exercises in P90X, especially in terms of losing weight. I would recommend that you try as hard as you can to follow phase 1 (fat shredder) of the diet plan for the last month, and see how things go. If you don't get any results after 7-10 days and you are not in category 1 of the diet plan, try doing that if it's possible for you, or going in between category 1 and 2. In your first post you said you can be a nazi about your diet, so my advice is to be a nazi for a month. No cheating!

    BTW, I am on day 54 of P90X and I've gone from 189 to 171 lbs, and gone from 26% to 15% body fat. (I'm male) I say this not to brag but to tell you my perspective. I know I wouldn't have gotten the results I wanted if I didn't follow the diet plan. The one weekend I cheated on the diet, while still remaining faithful with the workouts, I gained 3 lbs. So my conclusion is that the diet is not just a recommendation; it's absolutely essential.