Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Insanity.....Day 2

So Day 2...Max Plyo Circuit.

I am not going to bother reposting the content of the workouts. This workout is a killer, and I STILL struggle with the series where you do Level 1 drills, Ski Abs, and then In and Outs, one right after the other, the basketball drill series. My wrists just can't take it. I do my best, but by the final circuit, I end up standing up and sprinting when they do In and Outs, just to keep the cardio going.

Maybe by the end of THIS month I will be able to complete it!!

And the good news, my father in law was released from the hospital today. The bad news.....he went right back to smoking. I was so hoping that 6 days in the hospital with no smoking would be a good start, but oh well. I have given up trying to figure out how you can continue with something that has almost killed you three times. And I say this as an ex smoker, I KNOW how hard it is to quit!! But I wonder, how many second chances do you get.

This news made me cry :(

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