Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Insanity.....Day 36

Day 36 is Max Interval Circuit. This is a new workout for me, so here is a blurb....

Max Interval Circuit: (60 Minutes) The Interval workout that is more intense than any workout you've ever done before.

Huh....that's the description? Thanks!

MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY!! So I have figured out that the major difference between phase 1 and phase 2 is that the workouts are longer, and the warm up and stretch are a bit shorter, meaning the intense holy crap kill me now part of the workout is much LOOONNNGGGER! I get through the workout ok, I admittedly take more breaks then I have had to in phase 1, but I imagine that will get better in time, just as it did before. I had a big problem with the floor suicide jumps, and fell on my wrist at one point which scared me because my hands are my livelihood. So I will have to be careful on those.....

I take a look at myself in the mirror after, and let me tell you, I almost took a picture just to amuse every one. My hair was sweat plastered every which way and my skin tone resembled a cooked lobster. A soaking wet cooked lobster.

My theory is correct, I now know Shaun T. is trying to kill me. Bring it!

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