Thursday, January 14, 2010

Insanity.....Day 38

Day 38 is Max Cardio Conditioning, another new ya go....

Max Cardio Conditioning (48 Minutes): Shaun T will push you to the outer limits with the ultimate cardio and abs workout.

This was fairly similar to Pure Cardio in the first month, warm up, stretch, and then a chunk of time where you do one move right after the other for a minute at a time. The exception is in Pure Cardio, that chunk of minute intervals is about 16-18 minutes, and in Max Cardio, its more like 30 minutes.

The workout goes pretty well, though I will admit I do take several breaks, but always return to the exercise. There are actually quite a few where I can get through the whole minute, but also quite a few I can't.

I have found a great blog that reviews in detail each workout for any who are interested in finding out exactly what they consist of. Here is a link....
Review of Insanity

At the bottom of this page, you can click on links that will bring you to the page reviews for each workout.

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