Monday, January 25, 2010

Insanity....The recommitment

So quite honestly, after my last post, all hell broke loose, in many different ways.

Thursday morning, I woke up and could not move my head. Probably the worst neck pain I have ever had. I couldn't turn my head left or right, nor could I tilt it forward or back. I did some icing and headed to the chiropractor. He was not even able to adjust my neck because it was too painful and tight. So obviously, I didn't work out.

Friday I woke up and it was slightly better, I ended up going to work, thinking I would attempt the workout when I got home, figuring by then maybe I would have warmed up the muscles enough to make it possible. While at work, I received a phone call that my father in law had been rushed to the hospital with chest pain (he had a massive heart attack 3 years ago that almost killed him, he died three times on the table, etc.) So I rushed home to pick up my son and the following two days were stressful as my FIL remained in the cardiac ICU after having a stent put in.

This stress added to the stress that my father, my rock, received a cancer diagnosis, and on the same Friday my FIL was rushed to the hospital, my father was in Boston at Dana Farber getting examined to determine treatment.

To round it out, one more family stress that I can not talk about publicly, and the continuing stress at home due the economyand my husband's lack of work and myself the sole breadwinner working two jobs, I SNAPPED! So yeah, for five days I did nothing but work, eat, and drank two much at least two of the nights. Hello Depression! I made a vow on Sunday night to rededicate myself to my workouts, and for me this means I must start Insanity over again. I cannot in good faith start where I left off after two weeks of restarting and then 5 days of no workouts. So tomorrow, I restart Insanity. Today would be the Fit Test. I'm not redoing the Fit tests (the first two anyway).

For those of you I am close with, thank you for the continued support. I honestly couldn't get through without the AMAZING support and love I have in my life. And for those I don't really know, your continued prayers are appreciated :)

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