Friday, January 1, 2010

Insanity.....Day 25

Well it's the first day of 2010. In Insanity world, I have decided to make today my rest day. With a big snowstorm coming, we expect to be snowed in Saturday and Sunday, so both good days to work out. Also, my five year old is at his grandparents for the day and night, so hubby and I decide to chill out, run some errands, and catch up on some movies. Perfect day!

So let's talk resolutions. Did any of you make any? I take some time to evaluate my diet and weight loss goals, and here are some thoughts. I use to track my calorie intake. I keep my daily intake at 1500 calories per day. Despite this and my commitment since August to hard core working out, my weight has not changed much. Yes, some great body changes, and I'm super proud of my arms and legs, but I still can't seem to lose this middle! I get frustrated thinking about this a lot, so here is my plan. There are two changes I can make to my diet that I think might help.

The first is cut back on Carbs, so I will focus on that. I love that Sparkpeople tracks carb/protein/fat ratios.

And the second. I have decided that I will cut out alcohol for the most part. I have noticed that my occasional glass or two of wine has pretty much become a daily thing. This is adding countless calories to my diet per day that I am not tracking, and I don't need them. So, I will allow myself to have a drink or two once a week or just on special occasions. I have also read that alcohol consumption causes fat to store around your middle, so we will see if this helps. I actually stopped on Monday, but did have some Champagne last night of course to toast the new year!

I will continue allowing myself a once a week meal splurge, and today it was for a Reuben sandwich! In 34 years of life I have never had a Reuben til recently, and I can't believe I denied myself that long! It was delicious, but will be good now for the rest of the week!

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  1. Reducing your sugar intake, including the alcohol sugars, will make you see results. Make sure not to cut out good carbs though! I totally take a fat over a sugar and I've had amazing results!