Monday, January 11, 2010

Insanity.....Day 35

So today starts Phase 2, and the workout should be a Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit. However, I can only make time for the Fit Test, and have decided I just won't do a rest day this week, so will do the Max Interval Workout on my rest day. Makes sense....

So, the fit test! YAY YAY YAY the fit test!!! All numbers are up except for swich kicks, and I think I figured that out. Switch kicks is the first one you do, and I think I tried to start off a little slow thinking I would tire out, and actually I didn't tire out and about halfway through realized I should have started stronger. Oh well, next time.

Again, I go in to the fit test without looking at any of my numbers from the last fit test, which I like because I feel like than its a real true test of my fitness and not just striving to beat a number.

So as for numbers and comparisons, I will post my number for today, and then the two numbers following will be results from the first test and the second test....

Switch Kicks : 57 (56, 62)

Power Jacks: 59 (50, 55)

Power Knees: 102 (89, 89)

Power Jumps: 29 (20, 24)

Globe Jumps: 11 (8, 10)

Suicide Jumps: 16 (14, 14)

Push-Up Jacks: 25 (12, 20)

Low Plank Oblique: 62 (42,56)

So YAY! Obviously the program is working. I'm a bit scared about phase 2, but off I go!!

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