Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Insanity.....Day 29

Day 29 is supposed to be Cardio Core and Abs.

But my five year old and a visit from my evil nemisis Insomnia had a different plan for me.

I could NOT get to sleep last night. I finally did around 2am, and at 2:45 my five year old woke up and just decided it was time to get up. I would put him back in his bed, get him settled, and just drift off and hear him get up again. This want on til about 5am. By the time the alarm went off at 6:40, I had had less than an hour of sleep.

So after he got on the bus, I went back to sleep for 2 hours before facing a very long day massaging.

Today will be my rest day for the week....

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