Sunday, December 13, 2009

Insanity.....Day 14

So finally, a day off from working! Today is Pure Cardio, then I need to either add the Cardio Recovery and Cardio Ab workout to today, or wait til tomorrow (another day off from work and all that is scheduled is the Fit Test)

I do Pure Cardio in the morning, and it goes great. Even though I'm so tired from a long work week, it wakes me up and makes me feel energized, while managing to swiftly kick my butt at the same time. One thing is clear though. I NEED new workout shoes. I don't know why I have been so stubborn about spending the money. I have worked damn hard, I know I deserve it. My current Nike Airs are about 10 years old and totally falling apart. My knees hurt every day from all this Plyo stuff. I have put some feelers out there about this being what I want for Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed!

So after a long day filled with a visit with the Grandparents, a ride on the Candy Cane Train, and dinner out with friends, I don't get home til late and decide tomorrow will be the day for Cardio Recovery and Cardio Abs (along with the Fit Test which I can't wait to do!!)

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