Friday, December 18, 2009

Insanity.....Day 19

Today is Cardio Power and Resistance.....and also, I have a lot to say. hehehe

First off, I'm tired this morning, and I don't feel like working out. Luckily, I have become to disciplined not to. So I wearily press play. Now here is what I have noticed on days I feel this way. I work out better and harder! It's almost like I have to prove something to myself. So secretly, this insane little part of me almost looks forward to these days where I "just don't feel like working out" because I know I will crush it! Yes, this is how my warped mind works...jealous?

So anyway, as for the workout. For those of you doing Insanity, you know how Shaun T always is talking about keeping your core tight. Well, for 18 days now I have tried my hardest to do this. My core is my problem area (I can thank a 9 1/2 baby and a c-section for that!) No matter how fit the rest of my body gets, my core always feels weak. Even after a round of P90X where you do Abripper three times a week!

I know think Shaun T is a freakin genius! For the first time, I CAN FEEL MY CORE!! Even just standing and doing the deep breathes in and out, I can feel my core!! I know what it feels like now to "tighten your core" and it feels good. And then there are the Power Jumps, my nemesis. Even through P90X I struggle with anything where I have to do a tuck kind of jump (knees to chest in the air) If you have read my blog all along, you know this. But today, I make it through all three rounds of power jumps. Now, I know this would not have been possible if my core were not getting stronger. Thank you, Shaun T.

One other note, I am getting new workout shoes today. Mine are just toast, and I have had them for 10 years. I can't do any of the floor sprints (I workout on hardwood floors) because they slide, so I usually just end up standing and sprinting for these. So I'm sitting down today with a shoe expert to find out the best shoe I can buy to support my workouts!! Woohoo!!!!

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