Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Insanity.....Day 23

Day 23 is Plyo Cardio Circuit.

Feeling good today. I get through the warmup just fine (funny how the first two weeks, the warm up just about killed me, and now its fine) Don't get me wrong, I'm still dripping at the end of the warm up, but I don't feel like I'm going to die.

As for the circuit, I get through the first round just fine, including the scissor runs and football drills.

I still struggle with the second circuit, the basketball drills. Though that being said, I can feel that as my core gets stronger, the pressure on my wrists will probably be less, thus making them more bearable. I do my best, my wrists just don't hold up for all the plank drills, so I rest when I need to. But still, I notice I get better each time. Eventually.....

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