Monday, December 7, 2009

Insanity.....Day 8

Woke up today feeling really good. I was nervous that my calves would be dead from two workouts yesterday, but not at all. So today was Plyo Cardio Circuit. Man this is a killer workout!

Has anyone noticed that during the stretch, he has you lift your leg on the right side and do the 10 pulses, but then doesn't do it on the left side? Wonder why they didn't fix that before they released it??

Anyway, kicks my butt yet again. I do however get through the intense warmup with absolutely no breaks. I struggle a bit in the second cardio series (the one with the basketball drills) because it kills my wrists. But I'm sure as my core gets stronger, I will be able to use more strength from there and less strain on my wrists.

Man on man! INSANE!!

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