Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 1

So, Day 1 is Chest and Back along with Ab Ripper X. Descriptions...

Chest and Back (53 minutes) : Its all about pushing and pulling during an intense resistance routine. Made to strengthen, tighten, tone, and build the major muscles of the upper torso, you'll quickly feel the burn. While the majority of the exercises will be push ups and pull ups, some will require the use of dumbbells or bands.

Ab Ripper X (16 minutes) : This is the quickest P90X workout—only 16 minutes to complete yet it hits all the areas of the midsection to burn the fat and tone the muscles using sit-ups to Pilates moves. You'll have everything you need to flatten your stomach and get the 6-pack you have always wanted.

So Day 1, a Monday. I wake up raring to go. Start the workout, realize quickly that I can't do a pull up, which is no big surprise. I haven't been able to do one my whole life. Tony gives you two different options. Either using bands, or using the bar, but adding a chair that you can give just enough support with you toes to help out. I go for the chair option. I'm not messing around.
I do the first few sets of push ups regular style, but quickly realize that the only way I can keep up is to do them on my knees for now. The only two I have a real problem with are the divebomber pushups and the incline pushups. But as Tony says, I just do my best and try to keep my form great. Finish the workout. Arms are shaking, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Later that day I do the AbRipper workout. Well over 300 situps, I think 13 different varities, in 16 minutes. Yes, I'm pretty sure I didn't complete the 25 reps of any of them. But I tried my hardest. The killer here is the final, Mason twists. I couldn't keep my legs of the floor for more than 5 of them, and you had to do 50! I still did the fast twists, and kept TRYING to pick my legs up!

So Day 1 over, I go to bed feeling good.

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