Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 19

Day 19 Back and Legs and Ab Ripper X.

So this is my third time doing the Back and Legs workout, and my ninth time with Ab Ripper. Still can't do a grown up pullup, so do all of them modified. As for the leg stuff, I finally add weights in all the places he recommends. I use 8 pounders for all. And....for the first time I am able to complete the whole brutal 60 seconds of the the wall squat leg lift things (where you alternate the leg raise every 10 seconds.) AND...I am able to hold both 30 seconds sets of chair salutations for the whole 30 seconds each.

Ab Ripper goes well, complete all exercises, all reps, with the exception of those d*#! Mason twists! My low back pops with every in and out and every Fifer scissor when my left leg drops. Not painful, but I must be out of alignment.

Thought for the day......Tony Horton calls sweating "actual DNA removal." Ewwwww.....