Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 17

Day 17, Shoulders and Arms.

My shoulders are still pretty sore from Monday, but the overall the workout goes well. I am able to up all exercise to 8 pounds, with the exception of the two angle shoulder flys and the in and out straight arm shoulder flys, both of which I keep at 5 pounds. 15 reps of everything (except for the ones that call for 16) I get to side tri raises, of which I have not been able to do at all, and today I can do 6 on each side, both times! Woot!

I do Ab Ripper X right after since I am all warmed up anyway, and it goes well. I actually don't do as well as Monday, but maybe thats because I didn't rest between workouts today. But no searing pain, except for the burn of hard working abs.

In in great news for the day, in going through some photos on the computer, I find that I did in fact download my before pics before hubby erased the card, so I DO have my actual before pics. Hooray!!

Day 17 Tada!! RIP Ted Kennedy....

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