Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 16

Day 16, Plyo day.

The workout goes well. I am actually able to complete a few tuck jumps, just a few though, then back to just straight jumping. Same with rock star jumps. As for the other exercises, I pretty much complete everything, save maybe a few seconds here and there. I discovered the first day I did Plyo that I don't know how to throw a baseball with the correct form, such as is included in the bonus moves at the end. I try really hard today to mirror what they are doing, but it just doesn't feel right. I must remember to ask Mike to show me how to throw a baseball tonight, as I pretty much find myself standing around frustrated for the one minute they are "throwing" balls.

Tony talks about how great Plyo is for athletes, and how his basketball game improved greatly since he started Plyo. I'm wondering how it will affect my kickball game. League starts end of September. I'm pretty sure I'll probably be the MVP at this rate ;)

A question, what do people recommend for workout shoes? My Nike Airs just aren't cutting it, and I think its time I invest some moolah in new shoes to support my new workout program. What I could really use is a shoe that has some extra something on the bottom to prevent sliding, as I do my workouts in my living room, and it is all hardwood floor. Do they make a workout shoe with some extra stickiness on the bottom? Thoughts....suggestions?

In amusing news for the day, have you ever noticed in the workouts that Tony often talks to Jerry, the camera guy? I came across a p90x blog from a guy named Jerry. He stated that for the first few workouts, he was convinced Tony was talking directly to him, thought somehow each workout was personalized to the buyers name. He was bummed when he figured out Jerry is actually the camera man! HAHAHA. Maybe Tony should make personalized programs......

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  1. LOL That Jerry story is hysterical!!

    I have no shoe answer for you. I wear cheap shoes and I know it's going to suck. I'll be checking back here and hopefully hitting the shoe outlet if you get some responses.