Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 8

Day 8. For those of you who are not familiar with this 90 day program, Weeks 1-3 are exactly the same, so that means today I get to do Chest and Back again. Today it will hit 90 degrees in Maine, and I have plans with my mother and some friends to take our kiddos to Aquaboggan, a local water park. So I set my alarm and get up early to do my workout first.

Now I don't mean to whine, and I hate whiners, but I want to be honest. I still hurt, everywhere. I'm still wondering when the hurt starts to go away. Any insight??? Still can't do a pull up, so do modified. Push ups are a lot harder this week due to the soreness, so my numbers are lower. I finish the workout and we head to the park. I decide I will do the Ab Ripper workout when we get home, no matter how late.

So, at the water park. My son is an adrenaline junky like his mama. He quickly figures out the fastest slides and we stick to them. I point out to him that you go faster if you lay on your back rather than sit. On each slide, I go down first, and he after so I can be at the bottom to catch him if needed. So on one of the faster slides, I lay down, and then when I go around one big curve, I realize that you really use your ab muscles to steady your body on the turns, because a pain tears through me lower abs and I want to cry. Needless to say, I don't lay down any more after that. Once in the wave pool, a little boy accidentally kicks me in the butt. I refrain from punching him in the face.

We get home around 9. I get my son settled in bed and pop in the Ab Ripper X. I realize about 4 minutes in to it that I am not going to be able to finish this workout. Something is wrong in the lower abs. Its not a workout pain, its like a something is going to rip and give out pain. It hits me that because on my day of rest I did Yoga, which includes the hard core yoga belly workout, maybe I am overdoing it, since he does recommend never doing abs two days in a row.
My other thought is my c-section 5 years ago. I know it can affect future use of your muscles. Any thoughts on this?????

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  1. I hope you get some insight into your c-section question. I had one 5 years ago as well. That area is not looking good for me.