Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 10

Yippeee!! I am on Day 10 and in to the double digits. Today is Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X.

I didn't sleep well at all last night. I tried taking Melatonin before I went to be, yet still was awake at 3 and didn't get back to sleep til 5:30, then up at 7. My body still hurts, though butt and legs are better, it seems to be mostly my neck, shoulders, back and abs.

I pull out the 8 pound weights because last time I did all the exercises with 5 pounders, and found I was not struggling with the last three reps on most, as Tony recommends. However, last time, I did not hurt as much as this time. So I get started, a lot of the exercises (especially bicep stuff) I use 8. Some however, I have to stick with 5. You are supposed to do 8-10 reps for size, 10-12 reps for toning and weight loss, I do 15 reps of everything.
The only one I cannot do is the very last bonus exercise, tricep side raises. Hopefully in time.

I move on to Ab Ripper X. I thought my Abs were feeling better. 4 minutes in I realize that whatever has been going on with my lower ab muscles is not better. I can't think of how to explain it other than that certain exercises, like crunchy frog and scissors, make it feel like something is going to tear. Its not a burn or a feeling of the muscle is working hard, its more of an injury type feeling, and I DON'T want to injure it more. I'm still wondering if this could have something to do with my C-section. Any input?? So I do modified things making sure it doesn't hurt. Maybe Friday I will be able to do more....

Day 10....CHECK!


  1. Ok, I'm caught up on reading here, and your comments in this entry about your abs reminds me of how mine felt when I was doing a bunch of Jillian Michaels stuff earlier this summer. Every time I did ab work (especially scissor stuff/lower ab work), I felt like my guts were going to explode. I think it's just weak muscles. I'll be honest - I do neglect my abs because it's so uncomfortable. And of course, they aren't going to get better if I don't work them. Blah! Maybe just keep modifying until you feel stronger. Listen to your body - if you feel like it's going to cause damage, back off. You're doing the right thing!

  2. Thank you for the insight!! I have been so worried that I injured or tore something, good to hear its probably just weakness (well, not really "good" to hear, you know what I mean)
    Until they feel stronger, I will continue to modify!

  3. I would consider going and having your DR check the area just incase, and let you know if you tore anything.

    I am SO proud of you girl!!!!!