Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 9

Day 9, Plyometrics Day, and with this post I am caught up to the present day with my blog. I wake up, still sore, and realize I do not have enough time this morning to do my workout. I also feel yucky, didn't sleep well, and feel like a cold or something is approaching. I decide I will do my workout when I get home from work, which I HATE!!

So the whole time I am massaging, I am having this internal struggle with my brain. Should I just skip my workout today? Force myself to do it? In the end, I decide I can't let my four blog followers down. I get home from work and do Plyo. It's just as hard, but I actually feel stronger this time. The only part I can't do is the tuck jumps (where you jump and kick your butt with your knees) and the rock star jumps (same idea, but with a pretend air guitar) Jumping and trying to tuck my legs is again causing that pain I mentioned yesterday in the lower abs. I'm really hoping it gets better, especially considering that is my problem area, and part of the reason I started this!

So Day 9, complete. 81 more days to go.

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  1. I believe I would have a hard time kicking my butt with my knees, jumping or not. :-)