Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 12 Continued

Got home from work, did the Ab Ripper X.

FINALLY!! I was able to complete it without that tearing pain. I still felt it, but it was mild and I didn't feel like I was going to injure anything.
The best part?? I was able to complete almost all of the reps of every exercise. The exceptions were Mason twists (I did twenty rested ten and did the last twenty) and the roll up pulse up things which I just had to go slower than they were going.
So I guess regardless of the pain, my core is getting stronger for sure. The first time I did Ab Ripper, I couldn't even lift my legs up for the Mason twists, and I couldn't do the Fifer scissors at all.

Also ran in to a friend today, and without me mentioning P90X she says "something is different about your arms. They are either tanner, or more defined" I would like to believe what she was seeing was more defined.



  1. Great job!

    Do you mind if I ask a couple questions? Are you following the nutrition plan, as well, and do you wear a heart rate monitor when you do the workouts?

  2. Of course I don't mind. I am not following the nutrition plan to a T. I have done Weight Watchers for so many years now, and have figured out the recipes that my family will eat, it seemed crazy for me to try and change that. So, I looked at his diet plan. What I figured out is it seems for the first month he cuts way back on carbs and (from a WW standpoint) ups the calorie intake (a normal WW day for me is 1200-1400 cal, he seems to recommend 1600-1800) So....I cut back on carbs, but try to up my protein. I don't have a set plan right now. I follow WW and track all my points, but if I feel hungry, I eat some lean protein. I know I need to figure this part out, as I'm not seeing the results on the scale I would like. I think I may not be eating enough. I'm also going to look in to the recovery drinks, I think this may be an important part I am missing out on.....
    As for the Heart Rate monitor, I don't wear one, but I check my heart rate on each break (I do the simple check my pulse for six seconds, times that by 10 method) Then I adjust as needed.....
    Hope that helps...ready to join me??

  3. Thanks so much - I appreciate your answer. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to do it. I've done low carb before, but was really flexible about it. I don't do well with rigid plans, but I feel like I want to do this "by the book" as much as possible.

    I'm so ready!!! I would start Monday if I hadn't "organized" a challenge with a group of friends to start on Labor Day. I'll be a month behind you by the time we start, and I've already learned quite a bit from you, so I expect I'll be properly prepared by the time the big day comes. I keep thinking about how sore you were/are and I honestly don't think I've experienced that level of "agony" since I started Body For Life two years ago. My body is going to hate me! LOL But I am looking forward to it.

  4. I have a question! Are you adding in your WW activity points? You said you weren't sure if you were eating enough. I'm just wondering if that is including the activity points you've earned by doing the workouts.

    I'm a friend of Becky's and doing her Labor Day Challenge with her. We start on Monday. I also do WW and will be continuing to follow the WW plan but I do plan on adding in the activity points each day and doing some kind of recovery drink. Either the Special K protein shakes or the WW protein shakes. Not sure yet.

    Thanks so much for doing this blog! I think it's really going to be motivating for me when we get started. :)

  5. Well, my daily point target is 22 points. Some days I eat them all, some days I don't. I'm really bad I will admit about getting all my points. I seem to have that mindset that the less I eat, the more I will lose. But I do eat really healthy and am never hungry. I usually do not use the 35 flex points at all, except for a few glasses of wine each week.
    I have been playing with adding 2 more points per day, but usually end up not eating them, because I get all freaked out about it! LOL I know, I need to relax!
    I bought the Biggest Loser Whey Protein shakes and have been having one scoop when I get up in the morning before I start my workout, then eat breakfast after the workout.
    So will you count the recovery drink in your daily points? The Biggest Loser one is 1 point per scoop, and I have been counting that.
    I'm glad you like the blog! I started it because I couldn't find ANY blogs from moms like me. Also, secretly, it keeps me motivated, because I know if I skip a workout, I will have to fess up publicly!
    Good luck on Monday! Let me know how your first day is :)

  6. Yes, I'm counting in my recovery drink. I eat all my daily target and usually most of my 35. Once in awhile I eat all of them. But I'm actually counting in the activity points earned with the workout on top of the 35. Today I did not eat my activity points. Just my target. My week ends on Thursday and I've eaten about 70% of my 35 flex.

    I would like to try the Biggest Loser Protein shake but have trouble with some protein shakes. I wouldn't want to buy it and then not be able to use it. I used the Special K ones yesterday and today. They worked well.

    Day one went well! I had Core. I wasn't able to do some of the exercises but I at least tried to do some aspect of it.

    I'm thinking I might start a blog too. We shall see.