Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 6

Remember that time, on Day 5, when I said I didn't think I would be too sore?? Why do I ever open my mouth. My ass hurts so bad I can't sit on anything that isn't padded. My leg muscle hurt to the point they feel crampy. I find I have become that girl who is constantly stretching, my shoulders, my quads, my triceps, even in public places. I can imagine people thinking "who does she think she is, some kind of athlete??" If they only knew my pain, they wouldn't judge. I find myself sneaking in stretches while massaging, its that bad!!

Day 6 is supposed to another cardio workout, and then Day 7 is rest. However, due to my work schedule, I have changed this. Saturdays I massage all day, then wait tables at night, in an upstairs dining room. So, the only conceivable way for me to actually survive a Saturday workday is NOT to do a workout right before. So for my P90X schedule, Day 6 will be rest day, and Day 7 will be Yoga X, since its the only day I can fit in a 90 minute continuous workout.
However, because I got called in to work last night, I still have that Ab Ripper workout to make up. And since that is only 17 minutes, I easily fit it in in the morning. My Abs hurt so bad, I can't even tell you. It seems to be the exercises where I have to drop my legs close to the floor, but not actually touch it that hurt the most, especially the scissor ones. Its my lower ab (or my "pooch" or "front butt" as I lovingly refer to it) that hurts the most. I do my best.
So much for a day of rest!

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