Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 22

Day 22 for me will be Core Synergistics.

Core Synergistics (58 minutes): This total body workout incorporates cardio, stretching, and resistance to strengthen the core muscles (the muscle groups that girdle the waistline and back.) Building a strong foundation with solid supporting muscles is the goal of this state of the art workout. By strengthening your core, you will be more prepared to tackle the cardio and resistance moves throughout this program while reducing the chance of injury. You'll also improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination.

It was nice to have a change in workouts. This workout seemed to consist of set after set of three different exercises. The first being some sort of push up, the second some sort of ab, and the third some sort of leg (squat or lunge) with added arm movements with weights. Never did the same exercise twice, but that general pattern seemed to repeat itself. I used 5 pound weights for all of the weight exercises. Was able to complete most exercises, but could not do the Chataronga run, so stayed in Plank run for that one. Also, the very first ab exercise, the banana roll thing...seemed to hurt that lower ab muscle I have grumbled about before. So had to kind of modify some of the ab stuff. All in all though, GREAT workout.

Ummm...also...scratch what I said yesterday about wondering why we don't do Ab Ripper during Recovery week. I get it now! We don't do Ab ripper because its all covered in this workout, which I will do twice this week. Plus, Yoga is twice this week, and the Yoga Belly is killer!!

Also, saw my mom today, and she commented on how toned I am looking. Which made me feel great!

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