Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 27

Day 27 for me is Core Synergistics.

I'll start by saying I think I have finally figured out what the pain is in my left lower ab. It's been really sore since yesterday, and I've mentioned before, I notice it the most when I do any ab move where I have to lift my legs slightly from the floor (such as banana or scissor moves) and also any push up moves where I don't bend my knees, or any kind of plank to chaturanga switch. I mentioned it to a friend yesterday who is a nurse because I was wondering about a hernia. She said its not a common area for a woman to have a hernia, and then asked me how close to my C-section scar it is. I told her its right above the scar. She said I may have adhesions from scar tissue. Why didn't I think of that?! So I looked it up and found this

Pelvic or abdominal pain is a common result of surgical adhesions. About 38% of women who experience pelvic pain are actually suffering from adhesions. Adhesions cause pain because they limit the movement of internal organs. Since adhesions "tie down" organs, as you move or become active you may experience quite severe pain. Adhesions (scar tissue that forms as a result of the incision) can cause internal organs to become fused together. *In fact, 93% of patients undergoing major abdominal surgery will develop adhesions, with 53% of those people developing (at some point in their lives) a problematic condition known as adhesion related disorder (ARD).

Not to self diagnose, but yeah, I think that sounds right. The bummer? It seems surgery is the best way to relieve them. However, I did find there is a massage technique called Wurn Technique® to unravel the bonds between the fibers that comprise adhesions. Since I am a therapist, I'm going to look in to this.....

So anyway, the workout goes well, I do work up copious amounts of sweat, but I just don't like that I can't do all the moves exactly as I should!

Tomorrow is my last day in Phase 1. Then I move to Phase 2! YAY!!!

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  1. Thans for sharing your findings on the adhesions! I'll be mindful of that when I do ARX. I haven't done much core work at all (I skipped it when I was doing ChaLean Extreme) so I'll be sure to pay attention this time around.