Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 43

Day 43 is Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps and Ab Ripper.

The workout goes well. I am able to use 8 lb weights with all exercises except for Scarecrows, Pour Flys, Weighted Circles, Slow mo throws, and Fly row presses. I use 5's on Y-presses, but make a note that next time I should move to 8.

Aren't those frickin fracken Weighted circles KILLER!! I struggle badly with them with 5 pound weights, I can't imagine those of you doing it with more. OUCH. I also noted that in push ups, all my reps go up, some only by 1, but still......

I bonk myself in the head with the dumbbell during the Lying Tricep Extensions. Teehehe. Luckily it was a soft boink. Dingy.

Ab Ripper goes really well, stronger every time, love it!


  1. My sister and I are just starting (Day 3) and I came across your blog and you are so inspiring! I can't bend my elbows and am trying to get psyched for arms and shoulders tonight :) Reading your posts gets me excited to set my own goals and makes me feel a little better about the soreness and short reps you discuss at the beginning - just reading from Day 1 until now in one sitting - you can really see your progress just in the way you describe everything! Keep it up and thanks for posting! - Kristin

  2. Hey Kristin!
    I'm so glad you found my blog, I hadn't thought about going back and reading from the beginning. I think I'm going to do that! Stick with it, I think its the best thing I've ever done. I seriously already feel like a new person halfway through, and it feels like Day 3 for me was just yesterday. Seriously, once you get through those first 2 weeks, time starts to fly.
    Good luck, keep me posted, and keep pressing play! And ask away if you have ANY questions. I love talking with others doing the program.