Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 33

Day 33, Legs and Back.

To recap, legs and back is all pull ups and variations of squats, lunges, and other forms of leg and butt torture. The only workout that makes me sweat more than this one is Plyo. I work damn hard to squat and lunge as low as I can for every exercise. I may not be able to do a grown up pull up yet, but damn do I have strong legs!

So as I stated, yes, I still need the chair for pull ups, but for what its worth, I truly notice that I am barely using it, and all my reps are more than the last time. For some I even drop one leg down and just use the slightest toe of my other. When I try and do one single pull up (which I try at least once on a daily basis, as my husband will tell you every night when he hears me call from the hallway "nope, still can't do one!") I can actually get about halfway up. Elbows to 90 degrees kind of thing. So I'm making progress.

Anyway, no time for Ab Ripper today, as I have work and a family BBQ to get to. So tomorrow when I do Kenpo, I will just add Ab Ripper. Tony knows I have a life! Right? I figure as long as I get all the required workouts in during my week, and I never do Ab Ripper two days in a row, its ok if I have to be creative :)

P.S. Yes, I like and use run on sentences!

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