Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 41

Day 41 for me is Kenpo day, to make up for Tuesday when I had technical difficulties.

I've already gone on and on in previous posts about how much I love this workout. So instead, I pose a question. In the beginning stretch series, you know the part right after you go in to prayer squat, then you kick one leg out, and rise up on the other toe? And then you turn and stretch your body over the straight leg? Does anyone else struggle in this series? I'm very flexible, and I feel my legs are quite strong, yet I can't for the life of me get that leg out straight! So I struggle here until we go in to runner's pose. From there on out I'm fine.

Looking forward to Yoga tomorrow, my piriformis and glutes are SO tight from Legs and Back yesterday!


  1. I do struggle there myself. I can't do it. But I am flexible but not so strong. I'm getting there.

  2. I can either straighten my leg and have my other leg go all funny, or keep my other leg in the right place and not straighten the leg. I'm strong enough to do it, and flexible enough, but my balance is horrible!! I was even thinking about this today while I did Kenpo - why is it that I can do some of the stretches perfectly (such as the frog) but not others (like this one)? The hip movement feels the same to me, except I'm on my feet here. I feel like I should be doubling up on my balance workouts just to make some progress.

    And it's absolutely hysterical tat my word verification for this post was "crampo" LMAO

  3. OMG! I had the same problem. I kept wondering what the heck was wrong with me. It doesn't look like it should be that hard, but I find myself just wanting to skip it!

  4. hi there! i found your blog and am loving having someone else's experience to reference--my husband and i just finished day 3. life is very sore for us right now!

  5. I did Kenpo X yesterday as well. I still need to find some more intensity out of that workout. I'm starting week 4 tomorrow. Do you want to swap links with my blog which is



  6. Hey Maine! Awesome, I am from Orono. I just started p90x recently. I haven't done KenpoX yet but I am familiar in martial arts and common issues pertaining to them. With different kicks and stretches that mimic kicks, the best way to excel at them is to do them standing, and do them SLOW! Re-enacting the kick in slow motion FORCES you to use your use your quads and hip flexors to to straighten and raise your leg and also really puts your hamstring/glute/calve/lower back muscle flexibility to the test. It's a very common problem with most people who do martial arts, and can take a while to get good at (getting the leg completely straight), but if you do what I recommended, which is simply just practice the motion going very slow, you will strengthen and stretch the muscles needed to perform it. When you can do it slow, you can then move on to doing it fast. Otherwise, you can just continue to do it the way you have been, but your form is most likely suffering because of it.

    Good luck!