Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 37

Day 37 for me is Plyo day.

HOWEVER!! Due to technical difficulties I can't play my workout. BALLS!! I call my husband at work and even with him trying to coach me through it, I can't fix the problem. Which gives me two options, do the workout after work, not ideal for me, or to tack it on to Saturday which is my rest day. I think I will go with this option, because I am not working the double shift I normally work on Saturday. So today will be my rest day.

So, I take this break to share some things. A lot of people have been asking me what I will do after p90x is over. Initially, I thought I would probably do it again, do the lean version, or go for it with doubles. However, I actually think I am going to try the Insanity Workout which is described as the hardest workout series ever put on DVD. Looks like fun!

Yesterday I started tracking my food with Sparkpeople I really like it because it breaks down everything for me like Fat/carbs/Protein. Also tells me where the bulk of my calories and nutrients come from. Very helpful!


  1. Word up!!! I'm considering either Insanity or P90X+.

    I did Plyo today. I wish I'd had technical difficulties *cry*

  2. Does your computer have a DVD player? That's what I did when my regular DVD player crapped out on me.

  3. I, so far, have only used my computer but I'm hoping I can play it on the Playstation when I finally retrieve it from NH.