Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 46

Day 46 for me should be Kenpo day. But I have once again had to make and adjustment, so today will be my rest day for the week, and Kenpo will be Saturday.

So, I'll take advantage of that to share something I read on Tony's blog, which inspired me to respond. I just thought it was so well said!!

He wrote
"It's not your mother or your father. Not your sister or your brother. It's not your God or your Government. It's not the high school bully or your eighth grade home room teacher. It's not your therapist or your wife or your boyfriend. It's not luck or even circumstance. It's not your height, weight or age that makes life great, or not. It's You! It's you that makes you happy or sad. It's you that makes you smart or stupid. It's you that eats right or not. It's you that chooses to exercise or to sit on your ass. It's you who puts the cigarette in your mouth. It's you that yells at your 3 year old daughter. It's you that doesn't have patience when you need it. Your parents created you, but it's you that decides to make something of yourself. Point the finger in the mirror because that image before you is the only creature on earth that can guarantee happiness, fitness, health, love, joy, purpose and a state of well being. Hoping and wishing that everyone and everything else is going to bring you a better life is a farce and a fantasy."

And I was compelled to add my super sappy heartfelt response.

I don't even really know where to start.
Thank you! For helping me change my life.
Thank you! For encouraging me every single day to bring it.
Thank you! For reminding me that no matter what other people in my life may say to encourage me to fail (because they are too weak or too scared to succeed and change themselves) that I can succeed with your support.
Thank you! For making me dig deep, want to quit, and realize that I am too strong, and my health is too important to quit.
Thank you! For inspiring me to start my own blog for other 30+ year old moms like me, in the same boat as me, ready to change like me, and keeping me pushing play every day!
Thank you! For more than my words can ever say. I feel strong, I feel like a new person, I feel 20 years old at age 34, I feel like I can take on the world.
And most five year old sees me work out every day, sees me strong, sees me healthy, understands why it's important, and now shares this knowledge with others.
If only my parent's had taught me such lessons so early on...
Thank you! For helping me be better person, a better role model, a better therapist, and most importantly, a better Momma!!"


  1. Wow - I almost teared up reading that...the theory behind his blog is why I named mine the way I did...and so elloquently stated by him - I'm going to have to echo it somewhere too! And your reply...I don't even know where to start! I'm so happy you're seeing such a change and that your five year old is learning - I share the same "if only" :) Keep it up...and it inspires me already!

  2. I am all smiles after reading that! Thanks for sharing!