Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 31

Day 31 is Back and Biceps (a new workout, YAY!!) and Ab Ripper.

Back and Biceps (52 Mins): If Popeye had a favorite P90X workout it would be this one. Loaded with pull-ups and curls to add definition and toning to the arms. Additionally, this workout also provides great definition to the back.

First off, my crack up of the day. Somewhere during an early set of curls, Tony utters the word "BANG" as he hits the top of the curl. Then he says "That is my first bang of the day" and in my sweat induced workout delirium, I blurt out to my empty living room "that's what she said" and proceed to crack myself up. I rewind, and start the set over.

Anyway, so the workout is mostly curls, some flys, and lots of pull-up variations. Ummm....yeah. Corn Cob pull-ups may be the hardest thing ever. But I manage to get six of them (with the chair). I also realize I need to buy some 10 pound weights, because the 8's just don't cut it for most of these for me. I put a mark next to the ones I want to up next workout.

Ab Ripper X, no pain at all...and I complete every rep of every exercise EXCEPT those *#@!* Mason Twists!! I probably do 35-40, then feet hit the floor. Maybe Friday I will get it!


  1. You know I'm going to crack up the first time I get to that workout.

  2. LMAO! Great, now I'm going to think that every time I hear him say "Bang!"

    Good job on ARX!!