Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DAY 45!!!

Day 45 for me is Back and Biceps with Ab Ripper. But its also more than that. It marks a milestone for me. Today is officially my


And more good news, I "just" about complete a grown up pull up yesterday. It's true, my husband even witnessed it! Reverse grip, I get almost all the way up to the bar before I collapse back down. Big change from 45 days ago when I couldn't even move upward at all! So I won't yet say I can do a grown up pullup, but I will say I almost can!

I'm turning a corner, I can't believe it! Honestly, feels like I just started yesterday. Well, in my head anyway, my body certainly doesn't feel like I just started yesterday, or I would have trouble typing this. This has been a journey for me in so many ways, but I won't start waxing philosophical on you yet (and trust me, I'm a sappy sap, so it's coming). Now I don't know if I push myself extra hard today because of my milestone or what, but I had SUCH a good workout today and made lots of changes.

So I start my workout. First off, I finally remembered to buy my 10 pound weights, as I've noticed the previous two times I did this workout, I really needed heavier weights. Holy Cow! What a difference. I am able to use 10 pound weights for all exercises and still maintain 15 reps of each, difference is I SOOO feel the burn on the last three of everything. The only exception is the Crouching Cohen Curls. I use 10's, but only complete 13 reps. Pull ups are good. Reps are up there. For the strip set at the end, I use the 10's for the first two sets, then 8's, then 5's. Killer workout today, what a difference, I'm pouring sweat by the end. Sure wish I had those 10's last week!

And Ab Ripper! I finally add my arms to the ceiling in the bicycle series. Then, in the Wide Leg situps, I finally change to cross leg and am able to complete them all (I remember I tried it the first time I did the workout and couldn't even get up off the floor!) I keep up to their tempo in all of the Crunchy Frogs. And Mason Twists? Well, I can still only do 35-40 with legs off the floor, yet on the first day I could barely do 1 or 2.

Great Day, Great Day. God Bless Tony Horton for changing my life!


  1. That is sooo awesome and thanks for the note back! My sister and I powered through arms and shoudlers yesterday (even though we couldn't move our arms all day - little Trex's walking around). What amazed us was we were even increasing a little tension on the bands half way through when we were worried about even being able to move our arms! And....Ab Ripper...ok, still killer and major modifications (feet down on all the mason twists) but we did all the reps, even if we had to pause. I'm not sure if it was knowing what was coming this time, or that we're getting a little stronger, or taking a few seconds between each move this time...but we sure felt stronger! My arms are actually SWOLLEN today from trying to stretch them the day before, but that's ok...I did it.

    Here's my blog if you feel like following along too. Love yours - so excited about your milestone and thanks for the encouragement!


  2. Awesome! I'm really proud of you :)

  3. YAY! congrats on the halfway mark and thanks for inspiring me! :)

  4. YAY! (where are the photos!?!?!)

    You are AWESOME!

  5. Janice, maybe I will post pics when I'm done. Stupid stretchmarks!