Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 35

Day 35 should be Yoga day for me to round off my first week of Phase 2.

However, due to some unforseen circumstances, I am not able to get to my workout. Now if you have been following my blog, you know how dedicated and downright anal I am about getting my workouts in. I'm afraid people around me are probably getting sick of it actually, I plan EVERYTHING around my workouts. So this is a first for me, and honestly, I'm not quite sure how to handle it.

As you can imagine, I lay in bed obsessing about it, and think I have one of two options. I either tack an extra day on to the 90 days, or when I have my next recovery week, instead of taking the rest or X Stretch, I do Yoga. That is what I am leaning towards. Opinions??


  1. I would either do it the next day and just bump everything by a day, then during your recovery week, do the Yoga instead of the end of week Stretch, and you'd be caught up. Unless it's a time issue and you can't do yoga during the week. I can't remember your specific scheduling for that. I'd do whatever I could to not tack on the extra day at the end LOL

  2. I had two days where I couldn't work out. I doubled up the next day the first time and pushed off a day the next. I did my Yoga today when I should have done it yesterday. But my plan would be at the next most possible time, I will double up again. I think if I combined the stretch with another workout it should work out fine.