Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 39

Day 39 for me is Plyo.

GUESS WHAT!!!! I am finally able to do the tuck jumps and the rock star jumps. I can't do the super fast ones, because I still need a little hop in between, but the point is, when I started this program, I couldn't even do one!! I'm feeling much stronger and seeing results.

One thing that is bugging me though, I'm not losing a ton of weight. I would think with the amount and intensity I am working out and how great I am about my diet, weight should be falling off. It's frustrating!! I know my body is changing, and that's great. But almost 40 days in I've only dropped about 7 pounds. Just doesn't seem right.


  1. Great job with the Plyo!

    How much weight do you need to lose? As in, how far are you from the healthy range? P90X isn't really a weight loss program - it's a fitness program. Some people don't lose weight, but they do have drops in body fat levels and their size decreases, which is what we want ultimately. 7 pounds in 40 days is fantastic. I did a 10-week program over the summer that was pretty intense, and I only lost about 2 1/2 pounds. But you could see that I was smaller! So don't let the scale determine your progress. You said this: "I'm feeling much stronger and seeing results." That's what P90X is all about right there.

  2. yeah, Becky keeps drilling that into my head too. :)

    But I've hunted around on the WW forums and other places and it seems that a lot of people don't see much in terms of weight loss. I've revised my orginal goals in that area for the duration of the program and then when it's over, I want to do something that is more weight loss focused but I still have a way to go.

  3. To get to my goal, I would like to lose about 12-15 more pounds. I'm trying really hard not to focus on scale numbers. I used to weigh myself several times a day. I'm down to once a week. Baby steps....So...what are your favorite extreme workout programs for weight loss? Chalean? Insanity?

  4. Most likely, the reason you're not losing so much weight is that you are gaining so much muscle! Muscle weighs more than fat. Lots of people do programs that are mostly cardio to lose weight, but it doesn't make them stronger. Believe me, from all that I've been reading, strength training is what is going to keep you healthier in the long run. I agree with Becky, go by how you look and how your clothes feel, not by the numbers on the scale. Unless you have a body fat scale...look at how your body fat percentages change!