Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 42

Day 42 is YogaX.

I'm also a football addict, so I just love Sundays this time or year! Luckily, I make the very wise decision to do the workout before the 1:00 games start. Good thing because after that poor performance by the Pats, I may have been to depressed to do it after! Anyway, the workout goes great, I seriously get better each time. I am able to hold Crane for the whole 60 seconds, but I did have to keep my big toe from one foot on the floor. I did lift it a couple times, but not for long. The thing I seem to struggle with the most are anything that involves Crescent pose, especially the twisting prayer ones. I lose my balance every time.
Oh, and I do a pushup in every Vinyosa except the last two.

I feel stretched out and wonderful~

P.S. Rex Ryan can suck it.

1 comment:

  1. That is AWESOME that you can hold Crane! I can't even get up. Well, I can for a split second but it hurts my skin. Rock on!!!